Educator of the Year

January 15, 2018
By RachelC BRONZE, New Castle , Delaware
RachelC BRONZE, New Castle , Delaware
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I was never that A+ student in school. It seemed that no teacher really cared that much if I passed or failed, but I got to know my social studies really well my 8th grade year. She knew I was not the best at comprehending and understanding social studies as well as the rest of the class. One day she decided to ask me if I could stay after school and help her with a couple of things.

She knew that I was shy when it came to talking about grades. She did not go out and say, “You are failing this class; we are talking after school today”. I thank her so very much for not doing that to me. I agreed to stay and help her after school. After school when the rest of the class left.I was helping her hang up a couple of things.
She was asking me why I was not doing well in her class, like everybody else. I told her just reading out of a textbook was not enough for me; to really understand I have to hear it. I am more of a listening and learning kind of person. She understood completely and knew exactly what I was talking about.

She had a student like me a couple years back had the same issues I was having. She said that she had all of the chapters our textbook on CDs if I wanted them. I took them to see if it would help me better understand what I was reading. I went home and listened to them a couple of times. Until I understood what they were talking about.

After she helped me find a better way to study, I got a 96 on the next test. I ended the year with a B in her class instead of an F. I am nominating my eighth grade social studies teacher for Educator of the Year. She helped me with life skills and skills for school. She saved my grade and really help understand what i need to do, to do better in school.The teacher i am nominating for Educator of the Year is Mrs. Kelly Donilon. This teacher was my 8th and 7th grade teacher at St.Ann School.

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