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January 31, 2018
By AntoniaButka SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
AntoniaButka SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
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The educator that I think most deserves to win Educator of the Year is my 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Cheryl Darnton. Mrs. Darnton is still currently an educator at Mill Creek Middle School in Michigan. Mrs. Darnton is the sweetest, most caring, and tough woman I have even met. She was not only my English teacher but also my Cross Country and Track and Field Coach. Mrs. Darnton had a way of making her voice sound so calm and soothing. Everything she said was very meaningful and had so many wise words to help you in school or life. Not only was she a phenomenal teacher but she cared so much about how you were doing physically and mentally. If you told her you were having a headache or back pain she would give you massages in the middle of class. Mrs. Darnton also always wanted us to share our opinions, so if a big event happened in the world politically she would open up a debate and let us discussion our thoughts and feelings about the event. We would have 90 minute discussion on racisism, LGBTQ thoughts, or the ongoing presidental election.
Along with being an amazing educator Mrs. Darnton is also the strongest woman I have ever met. She is definitely more athletically fit then I am. During Track and Field she wanted to learn how to pole vault. Mrs. Darnton was more determined than I was to learn how to pole vault. She could jump higher than I ever will. Mrs. Darnton is the most determined person you will ever meet.

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I think that teachers are some of the most important adults in a chlid's life. They are the foundation workers of a child's life. They need to be recongized. 

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