Senior Chief McClain

January 18, 2018

I think Senior Chief McClain should be Educator of the Year. Senior Chief McClain is a naval science instructor at Delaware Military Academy. He also used to be in the Navy. Senior Chief makes everyday interesting with his weird jokes and everything else we do in class. Naval Science is probably the best class of the day. It is also the first class of the day which starts my whole day off well even if I’m so tired, Senior Chief wakes me completely up with his class.

When I first got into Senior Chief’s class, I was nervous because I had my schedule changed, and we were already a week into school; I had to change my naval science instructor and meet all new classmates. Senior Chief made all of this so easy with how he taught the class, and I wasn’t behind on anything in his class. He makes learning easier with real life experiences that he has had. He will also give tips on how to take on challenges that you may experience in your life. Like one day he was teaching us about how to have common sense in what you do, and he told us a story about one of his friends made a bet for twenty dollars that he could jump off the roof into the snow faster than his brand new stereo he got could make it if he pushed it off at the same time. The guy wins the bet but his stereo broke, so he won twenty dollars, but he lost eighty because he wasn’t thinking about the stereo breaking. The story just made everything interesting like he does for most of the lessons he teaches.

Senior Chief loves to tell jokes during class. He makes everything more comfortable and relaxed during the lesson. One day he spent the beginning of class telling us about this funny joke he had, but he was nervous to tell us because it was a dirty joke. Then, finally he told us, and he said “There was this one kid that fell in mud.” Even though the joke was corny, we all laughed, and it made the rest of the day easier. If we aren’t doing anything because something isn’t working, he’ll say a quick joke to get everyone into the lesson. It actually helps a lot. Although Senior Chief can be funny at times, he also can be stern. He makes sure you aren’t disrespectful, and he makes people do pushups if they are chewing gum or talking while he’s teaching that way we learn from it and won’t do it anymore in his class or anyone else’s class.

Senior Chief also doesn’t let anyone struggle in his class. He will give people help in anything whether it is drilling, academic reasons, or even if you are struggling in something else outside of school. He always tells us that he is here for us. He tells us that he will always listen to what we have to say and not just tell you what to do; he will give you tips and try and learn from what you say. If you are struggling with drill, he will pull you aside and help you with it, and if he can’t, he will get one of the senior aids to help you.

I think that Senior Chief McClain should be Educator of the Year. He is informative, and he doesn’t just teach you about drill and things about the Navy. He is always teaching us about respect and how to carry yourself in a manner that will make people respect you as well. Senior Chief’s class is a class that every day I love going to. He doesn’t just teach us; he entertains us while doing it, so we’re more active in class. Senior Chief is the best teacher that I've ever had, and that's why he should be Educator of the Year.

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