Mrs. Wood

January 17, 2018
By Riley36 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Riley36 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Through middle school and elementary I had many teachers, many influencers on my life, but one teacher stands out. Mrs. Wood is the 8th grade science teacher at Brandywine Springs an elementary school in Wilmington, Delaware.She was an extraordinary science teacher as well as an amazing generous and kind person. She taught me how to give back to my community with her self-made club “Me to We”, she taught me how no matter how small you think you are you can make a change in this world, and lastly she taught me about the amazing and vast subject of science .She taught me how to be a great student along with how to be a better person, a person that is selfless and always willing to help and give back to their community.

First, at the beginning of 8th grade year, I walked into her classroom and was handed a blue flyer in big font it said “Me to We”; I was intrigued. She stood in front of the classroom and began to speak Me to We is a way you can join together and give back to your community”. That sounds fun guys I said to my table, and we all decided to join. Each week I stayed after or came early up to 3 times a week to discuss our plans on how to give back. Christmas was coming up. How could we help those underprivileged kids living in our city? We raised money by selling hot chocolate; with the money we raised we went out and bought toys and wrapping paper. We spent meetings and lunches wrapping and planning. We decided to throw a Christmas party at a local womens’  homeless shelter. At that party we read to the children, made paper snowflakes and gave the women and children their presents.This experience has forever changed me, as I saw the excitement in the small childrens’ eyes for the gifts we had for them. That small gift of generosity meant the world to them. Mrs.Wood  made that whole experience happen for those kids. With that small act I became more aware of myself and how I can help anyone if I put my mind to it.

Secondly, she taught me how to learn and make a change in our world for the better. In the beginning of 8th grade year she entered our class in a National Science competition held by the Philadelphia Zoo. The 8th graders worked together with our buddy 5th grade classes and made our plan. The completion was to pick an endangered animal and then prove how we can help our environment and effectively help to save endangered animals around the world. We picked an endangered bird native to the pacific islands, and we chose to focus our study on the effects of water usage. We held a “Water Night” at our school which was filled with games teaching kids about the wonders of water,it’s cycle, and how we could conserve it to better help the endangered birds. Along with the games was a facilitated prescription drug drop-off. To help prevent people from dumping their old prescriptions down the drain or toilet which would end up in our waterways. Ms. Wood designed “Water=Life” bracelets and sold them to make a profit to help the children of starved countries in Africa. Our money was used to build a well in a community. Mrs.Wood and a few 8th graders went to Philly to present our presentation to the judges. We ending up getting 3rd place and winning a ton of money for our school. She taught me that taking the time to learn about the problems in our world can help you better understand them and even help you create a solution. Everyone can make a difference no matter how small.

Thirdly, she taught me not only science and the basics like the elements of the periodic table and the fascinating concept of light waves, she also taught me something that I think is sometimes overlooked. She taught me how to love learning. She made me happy and excited to come into her class. Everyday was a new endless journey through the winding world of science. Whether it be the statistics of our rain accumulation over the last two months or the new NASA creation, she was there to explain everything as slowly or fastly you needed. She was there for each student as if they were her child. She was definitely my most encouraging and positive teacher. She saw the potential in every student and was determined to make sure you saw it too. Mrs.Wood lovesteaching almost as much as she loves her students.

Overall, Mrs. Wood was the most unique yet fascinating teacher I’ve ever had. She taught me more than I could ever ask for. She sculpted me into the student I am today. For that I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Mrs.Wood for sharing your generous ways and your genius teaching skills with me. I hope to continue your ways and further my education and soon become a school teacher. For all of these reasons and more she is my nomination for Educator of the Year.

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