Educator of the Year

January 12, 2018
By veronicaskirvin BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
veronicaskirvin BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Educator Of The Year

Master Sergeant Howie, the naval science instructor at the Delaware Military Academy, is who I nominate to be Educator of the Year. I think most people would agree when told that Msgt is a good educator. However, to my classmates and I he is the best. Not only does he incorporate physical activity into the way we learn and do things, but he makes learning fun and enjoyable. His class, is no doubt, the one I look forward to going to everyday.

When I first met Msgt, it was the first day of boot camp, and I walked into a room of people I didn’t know, terrified, I sat in the back of the room in a chair behind my name and waited. As he walked in, like everyone else in the room, I panicked and asked myself what I had gotten into; if you saw him, you’d know why. However, he wasn’t how he seemed he would be. Instead of, for example, yelling and worrying us even more, he sat and told us stories of when he served, funny ones too, to settle our nerves I suppose. Most importantly, he genuinely wanted to get to know each of us and our personalities. He wanted to become close with us and the rest of his students and that’s how I knew he was special and far different from the other NSIs.

Fast forward to the first week of school. When I had found out that i was going to have him again as a teacher, I was thrilled. My friends and I walked walked in on the first day, sat down and started to talk to one another before the bell rang; when it did and Msgt started to talk, the room quickly grew silent. The room, full of students that didn’t know what to expect, quickly grew to like Msgt. To this day, our opinions haven’t changed.

I’ve never really had an educator quite like Msgt. His inspiring words and messages have changed me as a whole. I’m sure that as the year goes by, I’ll advance as a student and even more as a person. Our class can be quite the handful sometimes. Even though we might not show it, we truly appreciate everything that you do for us.

This concludes my reasoning in why I think Master Sergeant Howie should be Educator of the Year. He is someone who will forever make an impact on the lives of others and to this school. I’m sure every student throughout the years will be pleased of having him as a teacher. I’m truly not the greatest student but with his help, I feel like I am. Once again, thank you for everything that you do.

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