Educator of the Year, Mr. Wayock

January 12, 2018
By ReillyAnnable BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
ReillyAnnable BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Before going to the Delaware Military Academy, I attended The Independence School for eleven years. There was one teacher that really stood out to me as being the most motivational and inspiring, Mr. Wayock. Mr. Wayock was my 8th grade English teacher; he inspired me to be the best student I could be. Mr. Wayock is the teacher that I nominate for Educator of the Year.

          Even though he only taught me English for one year, he was also my homeroom teacher in 6th grade. I immediately knew that he would come to be my favorite teacher ever. His best quality is that he never gives up on his students. If I couldn’t grasp a certain grammar concept, he would go out of his way to work with me to make sure I understood everything we were learning. He taught me how to study vocabulary so that for every word, I would know two parts of the definition. This has helped me ace every vocabulary quiz since then.

           By far, Mr. Wayock is the most dedicated educator I have ever met. Mr. Wayock was always at school; he was the first teacher there, and the last one to leave. Within just a few hours, our quizzes and test would be graded. As soon as he was finished scoring them, he would let us go to him to discuss what we need to work on and what we did well. Even with research papers, they were invariably graded within a day or two. You could always count on Mr. Wayock to have your assignments done immediately. If that isn’t dedication to your students, I don’t know what is.

            Mr. Wayock made learning intriguing; he taught in a way that had me excited to go into English everyday. He teaches the material so precisely and thoroughly that it is easy to grasp. When we were reading a difficult novel, he would put questions on the board that we would have to find the answer to. This enabled us to go back to the novel and pull out the information, which we would later have an assessment on. Even though he gave us a lot of homework, that workload prepared me for high school. His expertise is the reason I have been so successful in English this year.

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This article has 2 comments.

on Jan. 19 2018 at 1:39 pm
ReillyAnnable BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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thanks michaela!

on Jan. 19 2018 at 1:39 pm
Michaela Charno BRONZE,
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this is so good reilly! keep up the good work!!

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