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January 11, 2018
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The teacher I am nominating for the educator of the year is my 8th grade math and history teacher, Mr. Fischer, of Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Wilmington, Delaware. Even though he was only my teacher for a brief period of time, he was a big part of my life. I really want him to win this very prestigious award because he is a very good teacher, and he deserves recognition for his hard work. There are many things he did for me, and there are many reasons he is a great teacher.
Mr. Fischer was the only teacher who really cared about my life outside of school and also the only teacher who really asked about it. He would always ask me about my parents, sister, and other activities and things that I was doing outside of the classroom. I also shared a liking of history with him. I always loved the way he taught, the long lectures, and fun projects he assigned. I had many long talks with him about history and sports. He also was constantly asking my peers about their exploits outside of the classroom as well. My 8th grade year was a very tough year for me, and he helped me get through it.
Mr. Fischer is also a very caring person. He always put his students needs in front of his own. He treated my peers and me like he treated his own children. I was very close to him in the short amount of time he was my teacher. One of the greatest moments, if not the greatest moment of my life, was when he gave me an award for getting the highest grade in his history class. I felt great when I received the award. At my 8th grade graduation, he took the time to talk to every student and their families; I thought this really showed his character and who he was as a person.
I always loved the way Mr. Fischer taught. Everything was easy to digest, and he had a clear plan in mind when he wanted to finish the lesson. He always made sure no student was confused or left behind. He always did fun projects and in school assignments to keep people involved, but I needed no fun projects and assignments as I was always all ears due to the fun way he taught. He also at times tried to relate to the students. He would always play football and go on school trips with us. He was kind of like a second father to me in the couple years I was in his class. I would really like Mr. Fischer to win this prestigious honor. He really deserves this for all he did for my classmates and me.

Even though Mr. Fischer was not my teacher for a long time, he was a big part of my life. I really want him to win this very amazing and awesome award because he is an exemplary teacher and deserves a thank you for his hard work and dedication. In closing, there are many things Mr. Fischer did for me and there are many reasons he is a great teacher.

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