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January 17, 2018
By PaigeLynch BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
PaigeLynch BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Favorite Quote:
"She thought she could so she did"

When thinking about a favorite teacher multiple people probably come to mind; In this case, that's not what happened. I immediately knew who my favorite teacher was when this subject was brought up. Not only did I know who, but I knew why. Her aspiration to better my education, fun, creative lessons and quirkiness and overall funny outgoing person is everything you could ask for in a teacher. So this nomination goes out to Mrs. White.

I give props to her for being a Spanish teacher because we all know Spanish can be hard to learn, let alone teach, but Mrs. White comes to the rescue with her fun lessons which gets the entire class involved, motivated, and eager to learn. For example, Spanish Jenga which we were able to play in groups. Mrs. White also allowed us to pair up with a partner to try and speak Spanish to another person. The class was even able to experience watching your every day movies in Spanish. Activities like this make something so hard as learning Spanish for the first time cool, fun, enjoyable and most importantly easier to absorb. Thanks to Mrs. White!

Demeanor and personality are both huge, especially when it comes to a position such as Mrs. White's.  As a leader/teacher, the way you carry yourself, how you react to situations, and your presence in a room will tell volumes to others. Many may not realize it but your demeanor, more than your accomplishments, intelligence, wit, dress or even appearance matters a lot. Especially as a teacher because that shows student you are a person and their emotions could reflect on that overall class period, which directly affects you as a student. Mrs. White brings positive vibes everyday even on her sick days. Her jokes can have you laughing for hours. We even have little moments where we roast each other which gives you a good laugh on those dreadful Mondays.

Taking the time to help someone means a lot, and she is always willing to help her students in any way possible.  Something as simple as a little question, or it could even personal, she's there, willing to listen, not judge, and she makes sure you feel confident no matter what the situation is.  She stays after school, you can go in her study hall, or pull her out of the class for a second. Having an open line of communication and that comfort feeling with a teacher is a precious gift. Overall, one thing is certain Mrs. White is extremely passionate about her student's success not only in her class but in general.

Keeping up with grades, tests, and opportunities to help after school can be a difficult task to juggle all at once, especially when you to have a life outside of school.  However, Mrs. White does not fall short when it comes to these things. I aspire to be as great of a woman as her. She takes pride in what she does, and you can see that reflecting in her awesome teaching. So shoutout to My favorite educator Mrs. White.

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