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January 16, 2018
By jaevalentin29 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
jaevalentin29 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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A teacher: what do you think of when you hear this word? A person with a big red apple on their desk with a wooden ruler in their hand? That’s what I thought until I learned about Master Sergeant Valentin. I decided to nominate MSgt. Valentin for the Educator of the Year award. She is an assiduous hispanic veteran who fights for what she believes in. Her intellect and strong will allowed her to climb the ranks and become an amazing educator.


In 1999, 25 year old Betsy Valentin joined the military as a minority independent Puerto Rican woman. Although that was the case, she persevered and continued her scholarly adventure. She completed basic training along with other men and women; she made friends who pushed her to do the best she could. She first served for five years in the New Jersey National Guard. She knew it would be tough, but in her heart she knew she wasn’t going to let anyone hold her back. She transferred into Delaware where her journey became even more thought-provoking.

In 2004, she became a paramedic in the Air Force where she supervised recruit members. She advised and encouraged them as she would want others to encourage her. In an interview I had with her, MSgt. Valentin stated “I stumbled upon education and public speaking as I knew it was a requirement for being in the service. I was shy at first but as I moved up the ranks, I discovered a love for teaching.” As her experience increased, so did her rank and confidence in public speaking. She always teaches by the Air Force Instruction Manual. MSgt. Valentin takes the information from the manuals and applies them to her lessons to accomplish her goals as an instructor. She stated “When I teach, I reinforce my lessons with  hands on skill components.” Valentin uses this method to assure that her “students” efficiently understand the concept of her lessons.

MSgt. Valentin has taught basic lifesaving skills to over 600 members; she also teaches how to take care of other troop members or patients in different scenarios. She continues to do so and does an amazing job at educating and informing all while juggling other responsibilities. Due to this, many admire her work, independence, professionalism, and prowess. She said “My biggest satisfaction in the military is being surrounded by people who have a strong work ethic and who set high standards for me in my career. I welcome a challenge and an opportunity to help others.” I think that a teacher who longs for a challenge and gives memorable messages is an amazing teacher.

In conclusion, I again nominate MSgt. Valentin for the Educator of the Year award. Teachers are important to the community because they educate, inspire, change lives, and learn themselves. I believe MStg. Valentin does that and so much more. She’s a big inspiration to me, and hopefully she can inspire you too. With her discipline and endeavor I think she can make teaching much more beautiful.

The author's comments:

My mom Betsy Valentin inspired me to write about her because she has  taught me discipline and manners. This allows others to respect me and my wishes. I hope people understand that even though you may feel like the "odd one" out the bunch or "different" that doesn't mean that you are better or that anyone else is. You can be what you dream to be and don't let anyone stop you from being acheiving your goals.

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