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January 16, 2018
By Anthony.s BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Anthony.s BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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For the Educator of the Year award, I would like to nominate Mr. Thomas Youse. Why you may ask? Well, there are very many reasons why and I would love to tell them all, but there are just too many. So, I shall sum it up in a few short paragraphs.


Mr.Youse  is the 8th grade PE/heath teacher and the coach of many sport teams at  Springer Middle School. My first reason for nominating Mr.Youse is because he taught me things that I should and shouldn’t do. He also taught me the importance of safety while riding bikes and other objects with wheels. I learned a lot from the bike safety lesson because one time when I was 5, I broke my arm while going too fast, and I crashed into a car.  There’s my first reason to why Mr.Youse should be Educator of the Year.

My second reason is that Mr.Youse is all about being kind but never giving up either. My first year at Springer Middle School I tried out for soccer, and Mr.Youse was the head coach. Well, I tried my hardest, but I was not able to make the team which bummed me out a bit. Mr.Youse came to me and told me afterwards to not worry and to tryout again next year, and sure enough I tried out the next year, and I made a starting spot on the team. That was just one of the multiple times that Mr.Youse taught me a life skill about never giving up.

Mr.Youse may be a teacher, but he’s a great friend to anyone he meets. One time I was out buying Christmas cards for extended family, and I saw Mr.Youse there. Beforehand we hadn’t really spoken to each other, but I decided to go say hi, and I approached him and said hi. He just started talking to me, and it was like we connected with each word that we said to each other. Mr.Youse actually connected with my family too as I soon found out that he knew my mother from when they were in middle school; suddenly I felt even more connected with him.
There are only a few of the multiple reasons I am nominating Mr.Youse for Educator of the Year. Mr.Youse was a big part of my life in middle school, and he has taught me many life lessons that I’m afraid I wouldn’t have learned with out him. I am positive that if you got the chance to meet him, you would connect and feel comfortable around him the moment you said hi, so that’s why Mr. Youse should be Educator of the Year.

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