Mrs. Foxwell 2018 Educator of the Year Nomination

January 16, 2018
By ashleypaolo BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
ashleypaolo BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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When I met Mrs. Foxwell on the first day of 6th grade, I knew it was going to be a great next 3 years. In the short time, classmates and I were with her we learned so much. From typing skills, time management, writing a business plan, writing checks, and so much more.  

  In the 6th grade Mrs. Foxwell taught me how to properly type on the computer; I didn’t realize this would end up saving me so much time now in high school. Also, through a game, we learned different leaders. We all are like animals; our personalities describe how we may react and lead in a situation. Another thing Mrs. Foxwell taught in 6th grade was about time management. Time management is so important to our daily lives to know if there is time to do that one extra task. In class I made a spreadsheet, it had the time from when I woke up to when we went to bed. I placed every task that was needed: breakfast, school, sports, homework, etc. Mrs. Foxwell would ask the class how busy our daily lives were and if time management would help us be better students and people. Everyone immediately said “yes”.

Next was 7th grade, this year was a very big year. This year every student makes a 30-page business plan, “buys” a business location, creates business cards, and participates in a networking event. When Mrs. Foxwell first showed us all the work we had to accomplish, we looked at her like she was crazy. But, she walked us through each step, and it wasn’t half bad. The hardest part for me think was public speaking. I’m not shy to a group of people, but in front of a crowd, I tend to be nervous. Mrs. Foxwell definitely pushed me and others out of their comfort zones with talking to groups of adult strangers. Before the big networking event, everyone practiced and perfected everything we could. The day of was insane; everyone was running around trying to get all the props, posters, and food set up in time. During the event, I learned so much about the adults I was individually talking to, and when it was over, I felt very accomplished in how I talked to all of the individuals.

Finally, in my 8th grade year Mrs. Foxwell taught us about careers. On a website, I explored the types of careers available. After taking a capability test on personality traits, the website paired me up with different suitable careers. Next, she taught us how be interviewed by professionals. For weeks with a partner I learned how to sit and talk professionally. After, Mrs. Foxwell taught us how to properly write a resumé. In our resumé, we included information including: education, skills, community service, hobbies, etc. Finally, in my 8th grade year Mrs. Foxwell printed out copies of blank checks. We practiced how to write out and endorse checks to “pay” our bills. This is a real-life situation; she is preparing us for the future.

In conclusion Mrs. Foxwell if it’s possible has over prepared her students to succeed in the business world. Personally, I have learned an abundance of information that I will retain my entire life. She strives to educate other teachers with her book Managing the Classroom. Overall, I believe that Mrs. Foxwell has outdone herself as an educator; her dedication, determination, and Nike saying “Just Do It” keep students pushing through hard obstacles. She’s one of a kind and my pick for Teenink’s Educator of the Year.

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Mrs. Foxwell has dedicated her life to helping children prepare for the real business world.

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