My Nominee for Educator of the Year

January 16, 2018

I would like to nominate my teacher, Mrs. Dick, for the Teen Ink Educator of the Year Award. I want to nominate her because she is helpful, hardworking and, humorous.

Mrs. Dick, is an amazingly helpful teacher. Whenever someone does poorly on a test or if we have a test coming up, she will stay after school to tutor us and help us ace that test coming up. As soon as she told us that she stays after to help, I knew I had a great teacher, which made me really happy.

Another reason I would like to nominate Mrs. Dick, is because she’s a very hardworking teacher. As soon as we get done taking a test or a quiz or anything, Mrs. Dick, grades it right away and has it in HAC by the end of the day. Other teachers wait forever to have grades in, but Mrs. Dick is on it. She never stops working and strives harder every day to work harder. This is why she’s such an effective teacher and person at DMA.

My last reason I think Mrs. Dick, should be the Educator of the Year is because she is very humorous. I remember on the first day of school walking into her room and people laughed at her name. She didn’t get sad that people were laughing because she was laughing right with them. Also if there is ever a funny vocabulary word or a funny word in a book that we are reading in her classroom she’ll laugh with everyone and maybe sometimes even tell a joke about it. Humor makes everything better, and Mrs. Dick brings a lot of it to english class.

Mrs. Dick, is honestly one of the best teachers that I’ve had my whole school career because she’s helpful hardworking, and humorous. She helps everyone she can, she is always working hard to get our grades in and stay after school to tutor, and she’s always being funny and telling jokes. This is why I think that my amazing, awesome, English teacher, Mrs. Dick, should be the Educator of the Year

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