Educator of the Year Award

January 16, 2018

There are tons and tons of teachers around the world, but there are only some that really inspire and push kids to do their very best. I am nominating my naval science teacher, Master sergeant Howie, for the Educator of the Year Award.

The very first class I had with Master Sergeant I can say was one to remember. There was no point in that class where nobody was listening to his every word. What I love about him is that he makes everything interesting. Even if it’s something we have to learn, he makes each and every one of us want to learn it. For example, the thing he teaches us he puts in real life situations so we understand the concept more, and it keeps it so much more interesting and makes you want to hear everything about it. He allows us to express our feelings and opinions on everything, and he realizes that not everything has one good answer or one good opinion. For example, one day he asked all of us how we felt about our school and if there was something we would change. He listened to each and every one of us and made us all feel that we had a good opinion.

Another thing that is good about Master Sergeant is that he listens and is here for everyone if they need someone. He knows when one of his students is upset or not feeling their best and makes sure that they are okay. I remember one day one of my friends was feeling down, and he noticed. He pulled her aside and made sure that everything was okay with her and that there wasn’t anything wrong. It makes me feel good that if there is no one else to go to when you need help that he will always be there for me and all of his other students. I haven’t had any teachers like that from my others schools, and I’m grateful that I got to have him as a teacher.

When I say Master Sergeant pushes us to our limits, I meant it. When it comes to schoolwork and Friday workouts, there is no quitting. He inspires each and every one of us to keep going and strive for the very best version of ourselves. I don’t think I would be where I am in school and the way I am as a person. If I did not have him as one of my teachers. He has taught me so much about not giving up, and I am so thankful. Even if it gets hard and I want to give up, he reminds us that we can do it, and he pushes us to get through it. I remember one day we had to do a physical fitness test, and I was sure that I was not going to pass. He pulled me aside and told me he thought that I was crazy for thinking that I couldn’t do it and that he believed that I could. Him telling me this words made me want to keep going and accomplish what I set out to do. I feel everyone needs a teacher like that because yes it’s going to get tough and you’re going to want to give up, but having a person tell you they believe in you will go a long way.

I truly believe Master Sergeant deserves this Educator of the Year Award . I look up to him with so much inspiration and admiration. He walks with so much importance and carries himself with pride. He inspires not just me but many other students to strive for their best and never give up in what they want to accomplish. I nominate my Naval Science teacher Master Sergeant Howie. Who truly deserves this award more than anyone else

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