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January 16, 2018
By Anonymous

There are many different types of teachers in the world. There are some who just want to teach and get through their day; Then there are some who want to go that extra mile and help you out in all sorts of ways. In my opinion that teacher is Mrs. Eva Foxwell. As I look back on my 8th grade year there's all sorts of memories and ideas that i liked to remember but, Mrs Foxwell is what really helped me get through that year. Her class was definitely different then most classes, She gave us “Jobs” which were basically roles that we played to help all the students and to help her out on the daily. She actually let us figure things out instead of telling us what to do and she definitely worked hard to get us to our highest potential.

First things first is that she was involved with the school a TON. She was the teacher or “manager” as the students called her of Business professionals of America (BPA). BPA is a preparation of global professionals through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic and technological skills for students.

Mrs Foxwell wanted us to remember a lot but if theres 1 thing that she would want us to remember it would be what she always said; Just do it. Now Just do it is her motto because she doesn't want you to be all down and grumpy because one way or another it's going to get done so might as well do with a smile on your face.
Mrs foxwell wasn't just a teacher to me, one day she brought me out of the class room and asked me what was wrong. She knew something was wrong because i wasn't myself throughout that year. My family was having troubles and she helped me through it just by sitting down and talking to me.

Mrs foxwells classroom was ran by her so smooth and calm. She always kept us on our toes and never panicked. If we would finish our work on time then we could either help other students out with what they were working on or we could get another pair of eyes on our task to see if there were any mistakes. This was what she called “Using your time wisely” and that was also a huge part of that class that i carry everywhere with me.

All in all my 8th grade experience was made so much better mainly because of Mrs Foxwell. She not only helped me out but she helped other students out, didn't work for the school, was a huge part of the community and lastly her style of teaching sticks to your brain. The jobs and the hands on activities were such a good way to teach she was definitely an extra mile type of teacher. In the near future i hope she can do the same for everyone else who comes and goes throughout her classroom. That's why i nominate Mrs. Eva Foxwell for Educator of the year

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