Educator of the Year

January 15, 2018
By Sophiayarram BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
Sophiayarram BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Throughout all my years of education, one particular teacher has always stood out to me. She immediately came to mind when I was thinking of a teacher to nominate. I would like to nominate Justine Wood, an 8th grade science teacher, from Brandywine Springs School, as the Educator of the Year. Through her positive approach to teaching, her enthusiasm for school activities, and her love of community service, Mrs.Wood taught me not only just about science and doing the work, but also helped me love the subject. Before I came to her class, I would hate going to science class. However, while taking her class, Mrs.Wood was always a happy, sweet teacher whose class I just loved. She always brought positive energy everywhere she went, which also led me to have positive energy towards the class. After taking her class, science is now my favorite subject. She would work individually with students if they needed any help and had a great way of getting messages across. She not only helped me become a better student, but also a better person.

Mrs. Wood’s style of teaching was always positive. Whatever the topic she had to teach was, she always made it interesting and fun to learn. She would pause to make sure everyone understood what was going on, and helped people if they didn’t know. I think what I found very special about her style of teaching is that she would change her style and technique because she knew that all students do not comprehend information the same way. She made sure that everyone understood what she taught.

Mrs. Wood is always involved with school activities.When I was in her class last year, we participated in the Water for Life project. It was a project where we worked on saving water locally by holding water saving events and making posters to spread awareness about water conservation. This involvement led to our school going to the Philadelphia Zoo to present our project. The whole time we were at the zoo, she was always smiling. Mrs. Wood goes out of her way to show us about the world and help us reach our full potential.

Justine Wood was big on Community service. Mrs.Wood set up an opportunity for us to tutor kids at Highlands Elementary School. Highlands has a high population of low income students and low test scores. We tutored them in science and set up activities with the help of Mrs. Wood because she liked helping the community. Mrs. Wood always participated in clothing drives to donate clothes to children. She is a teacher with a big heart and a love for community service.

Mrs. Wood deserves the Educator of the Year award. She is always a positive person, with a energetic style of teaching. She is always involved with school activities, and shows up at most school events for support, even when other teachers don’t. Mrs. Wood is an active member of the community which has a positive influence on her students. She always wants to help kids, and has a big heart with a sweet personality.

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