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Educator of the Year: Dr. Royster

January 15, 2018
By troy_vincenzo BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
troy_vincenzo BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Dr. Royster is my nomination for Educator of the Year. Dr. Royster is a former Marine and is the Vice Principal of Springer Middle School in Wilmington, Delaware.  Dr. Royster goes above and beyond the role of being a Vice Principal, so everything he does, he goes the extra mile. I think the qualities an Educator of the Year should possess are:  being an excellent motivator, helps to mold well rounded individuals, and is a great role model for the students of the school.  Dr. Royster is in the education field and has all of these qualities.

Dr. Royster is an excellent motivator.   Daily, Dr. Royster motivates all the students at Springer Middle School to get good grades and to strive to do their best when it comes to academics.  While I was in middle school, I had so many encounters with him.  He would always greet me with a smile on his face and tell me to have an amazing day.  This positive motivational attitude always turned my day around, and it helped to put a smile on my face even on the days that didn’t start out with one.  At the end of the day, he would stay after school to run a weight lifting club.  On my way to baseball practice, I would always over hear him encouraging the students in the club, getting them to finish the part of the workout they were on.  He also motivates students to participate in other volunteer activities, in and out of school.  Dr. Royster is always reminding and encouraging the students at Springer Middle School to participate in as many activities as they could.  His motivation was one of the keys to my success.

Dr. Royster is very passionate about giving the students an opportunity to be well-rounded individuals.  He leads many academic programs throughout the school year.  For example, the B.A.R.K builders program is one he created to give students the chance to learn necessary leadership qualities along with leadership skills.  His weight lifting club helps ensure that the students are staying physically fit.  He also arranged many volunteer activities for students to participate in.  The activities ranged from food drives, fundraisers, to car washes.  Dr. Royster gives everyone an opportunity to learn life skills to be a leader, to stay healthy, and to be active in their community.

Dr. Royster is an amazing role model.  All the kids at Springer look up to him; all the kids may not show it, but I am certain that they look up to him in some way. Dr. Royster always comes into school with a great attitude towards everything.  He is always upbeat which makes people happy.  For example, there is a Marine saying, “oorah” that is known throughout the school because he says it to motivate you.  He always sets a good example for the students to follow.  He shows up to everything on time and is never late.  He is a great leader and has set such a great example.  He has held grade level meetings, spoken in front of the whole school for pep rallies and been involved in many more events held at Springer.  He is a vice principal that I looked up to.

Overall, it may be concluded that Dr. Royster is the best nomination for Educator of the Year.  He’s an excellent motivator which keeps people on track.  He motivates people and shows he cares about them, and he is always there for the students at Springer.  He’s more than just a motivator though; Dr. Royster creates well- rounded individuals throughout the school which makes Springer great!  The best quality I believe Dr. Royster portrays is a role model.  He is kind of like a “father” in the school, and he always sets good examples for his students to follow.  The students learn the great qualities that Dr. Royster upholds.  He’s taught me the core values that I will use throughout my life.   Dr. Royster has helped me to be a great individual; he has helped shape me into who I am.  I’ve always aspired to be like him while I was at Springer, and I will continue to until I’m as successful and kind as he is.

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