Ms. Christina Bower

April 6, 2009
By Andrew Porcaro BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Andrew Porcaro BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Math: For me that is synonymous with headaches, late nights hopelessly studying, and, in the end, failure. I had been coasting along passing my math classes with C minuses and barely getting by. I finally had to retake a math class so I wouldn’t have to redo it in college. I entered the class with my normal attitude to just make it through the class. I dragged myself into the class and slouched over in a seat in the back row, but soon all that changed.

Ms. Bower began teaching and the weirdest thing happened I understood the concepts and was learning more than I ever had before. I soon started to look forward to my math class as a break from the rest of my day.

Ms. Bower takes a unique approach to teaching math. Instead of giving us a book, telling us to read a section, and giving us quizzes, she teaches without the use of the book. She makes all the lessons on Power Point and it makes the class enjoyable. We, as the students determine the pace of the class. If we don’t get something she slows down and shows us until we understand. The way she teaches her class is exciting but her attitude towards her students is even better. Unlike some teachers, she doesn’t talk down to us. She cares about what we are doing in our lives and genuinely wants us to succeed not only in her math class, but also in life. Her caring attitude makes her one of the most approachable teachers. Her door is always open for students who need help. I remember when I didn’t understand a section, I went into her room for help during her lunch period. She gladly gave up a lunch period to help me understand the material before our test. So now when I think of math class I think of success, learning, and yes, even fun.

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