April 6, 2009
By Katelin Condon BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Katelin Condon BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Tony Larscheidt has been a big part of my life for the last four years. Helping me out with my show horse, he lives behind me and I had always wondered what he was like. I went up there and he was incredibly nice. He showed and told me the story behind every horse in the barn and he agreed to help me train my horse.
Tony may be as big as a buffalo, but he has the touch of a bunny. He rode my horse to get to know her better and then he told me when and how I would correct her when she wasn’t lessoning. Eventually, I got better at correcting her.

Last year, Tony had an accident with a horse and couldn’t ride. But he knew I could ride the horses. He said he would pay me for helping him out with riding and helping out around the barn. I told him not to worry about it because of all the things he has taught me.
Even thought he isn’t a school teacher, I believe he is an enormous man. He is especially smart with the horses and reads them with great knowledge and explains why he is doing the things that he is doing with them.
He brings me to horse shows and tells me the right and wrong way people are training horses and he explains how horses and people get hurt when training them. One show, he surprised me and let me ride his horse in a class. It was the supreme experience in my life.

Some day, I hope I can be as knowledgeable as Tony is and help the future horsemen and horsewomen. With the background and the nature of the horse and the proper ways of training a horse and to make you and your horse the happiest shower in the arena.

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