My Favorite Teacher

April 6, 2009
By David Miller BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
David Miller BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Though I’ve only had her for half a semester, Miss Jorgensen is by far the best teacher ever I’ve had. I came into Creative Writing on the first day of a fresh semester to a positive atmosphere and a cheerful teacher just beaming with confidence at her new class. She has always made the class fun for us, whether by telling anecdotes or by providing us with different writing techniques. Encouraging us to become published authors has helped me to focus more on my choice of words and how I approach my writings.
Miss Jorgensen isn’t just teaching us, but she also relates with us on personal levels. When she tells stories about her sister and herself, it gives her a more real element, instead being just a teacher. From things like that, we connect on a more person to person rather than a student to teacher which increases cooperation when we are taking notes or brainstorming in groups. She also shares if she’s stressed out which makes people realize it’s not just our own problems that matter in the world, but the needs of others.
There are only so few people as passionate about writing as Miss Jorgensen. Whether it’s just writing a letter or typing up a huge report, she encourages us all the way. For me she has reinvigorated my writing spirit and has given me a love of writing stories. If I would have never met Miss Jorgensen, I don’t think I would even have a clue on how to end a story. Even if it took her two weeks to learn my name, I think she deserves this award in recognition of her achievements.

The author's comments:
She's my favorite teacher.

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