Jacob Polancich

April 6, 2009
By Jeremy Grams BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Jeremy Grams BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Not a day goes by when I’m not excited to go to Music Theory. At first, I was skeptical to take the class because of my struggles with music. But, after meeting the teacher, I knew I’d be okay. Mr. Polancich has made my confidence skyrocket. I can’t imagine a better person to teach music to anybody at a high school level.

Mr. Polancich is a laid back, personable guy. Every time I have a question, he’ll answer honestly and sincerely. When he answers questions or explains anything, Mr. Polancich will relate to us in a way high school students would understand. Class often breaks into discussion that makes the atmosphere the most comfortable place in the school. The whole class participates as if we are all friends since freshman year.
Mr. Polancich has his set curriculum, but he doesn’t always follow his plan for the day. He will still teach us and get his points across, but he mixes it up through discussion and examples that keep my interest throughout the hour. Music Theory is easily the fastest period of my day, unfortunately.

It is to my understanding that in order to teach well, one must be passionate about the subject. Mr. Polancich is not shy of being just that. It’s easy to see his passion and love for the subject with the way he explains. He once told the class we could review the theory and analyze the sheets of music, but nothing will teach music like listening and experiencing.
Not only is Mr. Polancich a music teacher, but he’s also a skilled musician and band director and is becoming a role model. For a man that is knowledgeable in this field and that fits the part so well, there is never a display of cockiness or overconfidence. Even though he’s an accomplished musician, he never hesitates to reach back to his teen years and relate to us.
Mr. P has the calmest, most easygoing approach to teaching I’ve ever encountered. He never raises his voice and we return the favor. I’ve never seen a class relate to and respect the teacher as much as my seventh hour music theory class. Mr. Polancich understands us and we understand him. He’s not just a teacher; Mr. Polancich is simply a nice, genuine person who loves what he does.

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