Educator of the year for Mrs. Mohrmann

April 6, 2009
By Sandra Wild GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Sandra Wild GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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She is friendly, funny, helpful, patient and special. That’s my math teacher, Mrs. Mohrmann. She has taught me math for the last two years. She is always helpful with homework, calculation tips and smart advice. She was the only teacher I could trust, both with issues in my life and my math career. Mrs. Mohrmann was always one of the first people in school in the morning, coming in with her high sounding voice and a, “Gooood morning class.” Plus, she always has a smile on her face.
With her math equipment under her arm and her black little notebook, she came into a classroom where the students were waiting with excitement. In this math class everybody was willing to study and even the laziest students wanted to know more about the fancy calculations inside our book.
Most students are taking chemistry next year because of her. Besides math, she also teaches chemistry in my school. She has done this for more than 25 years. Mrs. Mohrmann is the sweetest teacher I have ever met. She also puts a smile on everybody’s face and cares about their surrounding. I would describe her as a short lady with glasses and a smile on her face that makes me giggle every time I see her. She is a lady who is willing to help you no matter if she is busy. Her students and the school is not work for her. Instead, it is fun and Mrs. Mohrmann enjoys coming to school and waking up for us every morning in a happy mood. She is that kind of person who makes school enjoyable, fun and interesting.
She should win in your competition because of the kindness and happiness she shows every day. No matter what happens, the students trust her and discuss with her the best ways to solve problems. She cares about everybody and does not only have grades on her mind. Mrs. Mohrmann tries to help whenever she can and in most cases she is successful with her advice. She is the math and chemistry teacher every student dreams of. Friendly, funny, helpful, patient and special. That is Mrs. Mohrmann.

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Pat said...
on Apr. 8 2009 at 5:54 pm
Some of the idioms are different, because the author is writing in English and her native language is German. I enjoyed the article very much and felt I would like to meet Mrs. Mohrmann.


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