Erling Antony

April 3, 2009
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I am nominating Mr. Antony as the educator of the year award because of his dedication to his students, his knowledge, his hard work and his sense of humor. Mr. Antony should be the role model of students and teachers. He has lasted as a teacher for 32 years and is happy to teach, year after year.

Mr. Antony’s only goal is to watch his students succeed. He arrives at school at 6 am and doesn’t leave until 9 pm most nights. He should put a refrigerator in his room and live there! This rigorous schedule is to help his students at anytime. He will answer any questions, and if he doesn’t know the answer, he will find another teacher or a college professor who will. On the first day of general chemistry, he challenged the class to ask him any chemical related questions. He is like a chemical encyclopedia! After 20 minutes of trying stump him, no one could.

His dedication goes beyond the years he has taught. He will write outstanding recommendation worthy of any scholarships, college applications, or other papers. He does this without asking anything in return. His AP chemistry class provides a strong model of how a college professor would run his or her class. His challenging class forced students to change their habits. He would provide study sessions to encourage students to work as a group to succeed.

Mr. Antony’s occasional pun would provide the right amount of humor to make the class entertaining. His puns would leave you asking “Was that funny?” but you would laugh along anyways. Out of every sentence, a pun would fly out. It seemed like watching a clown run down the street chasing after multi-colored balloons. A rare site, indeed.

As a graduate from Cornell University, he could have joined many multi-million dollar companies. I’m glade he decided to be a teacher. Now, Arrowhead school has a great science department thanks to the teaching of Mr. Antony. His qualifications as a teacher and a mentor provide a magnificent candidate for Educator of the Year.

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