Mr. Bud...Spiderman or English teacher?

April 3, 2009
By Claire Bush SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Claire Bush SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Oh man! Here we go again…another year of drudging through poetry and Shakespeare, I thought as I plopped into my seat in Greg Budzien’s AP English class. However, that first day was far from an ordinary English class. “Spiderman…Spiderman…Does whatever a spider can,” sang an out of breath Mr. Bud as he leapt from the desks to the floor to the tables. At that instant, I knew I would have no problem being enthusiastic in English.

Along with his Spiderman routine, he discussed fiber’s importance, imploring us to eat an apple a day. I’m pretty sure almost every AP Bud student ate an apple the next morning. Not only does Mr. Bud put on this show for his Seniors, but he annually performs for incoming freshman during their orientation. I remember a “scrawny, bald man” —as he calls himself—jumping around the library, giving us a condensed version of high school and life lessons. I did not know quite what to think of this strange man, but now, I understand this is how he always acts.

Mr. Bud exposes us to poetry, plays, novels, and movies, but not once have I ever felt lethargic in his class. He handed each of us 30 Days to a Better Vocabulary, a book to expand our vocabulary recognition and use. When will I ever use these words? Why do I have to learn them? Well, Mr. Bud enthusiastically read emails from at least five graduates, explaining how they use the words. With extra credit for each vocabulary word we find in movies, books, plays, or magazines, learning becomes a game.

Poetry Packets: a dreaded pack of paper threatening to kill the rainforest contains what seems like hundreds of poems. At first, I wanted to rip my hair out and boycott these poems, mostly because I did not understand them, but Mr. Bud goes through each poem line by line, word by word to pick apart its underlying meaning. Thanks to him, I no longer shy away from poems coming at me with their teeth bared, throwing slant rhymes and similes my way.

A stickler for details, Mr. Budzien held up his ‘green sheet,’ telling us we must follow each rule to become skilled writers. From the specific heading, “AP English Hour 8 – 9,” to not using dead words or misplaced commas, Mr. Bud covers every aspect of a perfect paper. I keep track of my faults on this sacred green sheet which seems brutal at first, but truly helps me develop solid writing abilities.

Mr. Bud extends his gregarious personality to his students as we have the privilege to experience his love for English literature. Mr. Bud deserves Educator of the Year because he puts his heart and mind into everything he does for us, whether it is a Spiderman dance, poetry packets, or essay development.

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