Ms. J

April 3, 2009
By Anonymous

Ms. J, Ms. J, Ms. J; ah, what shall I say about Ms. J? For a 17 year-old teaching a high-school creative writing class, she’s doing alright; (she’s actually either in her twenties or thirties, but it’s hard to say with someone so pocket-sized.) I mean, how many times has she heard the words, “Where’s your hall-pass?” from a new colleague.
I’ve had teachers who look seventeen, but not too many who try to act it too. For example, it’s quite the stereotype for teenage girls to drift off and talk about their personal lives in the middle of class; however, Ms. J is the first teacher I’ve had that encourages it and, on occasion, will join in. If nothing else this grabs the classes’ attention.
Seriously though, for every joke I write about her, she’s a creative and inspiring teacher; and just so she doesn’t complain, I’ll explain what I mean by “creative and inspiring”: I think she joins in on our, the class’s idle small-talk because that’s her technique; rather than overwhelming us with boring facts she relates to us, which inspires us to listen, then she brings on the boring facts. Now, if you ask me, that’s a creative teaching style.

As she reads this to next year’s victims of her shrill, prepubescent squeaker she refers to as her voice I’d just like to say, act like your attention constitutes to more than that of a rodent. My class can’t stay focus as a group for anything. (I know this paragraph is out of place; none the less, I had to put it in.)
In short, Ms. J rules, and is bar none the best candidate for this award. So give it to her; “DO IT, DO IT NOW!!!!” as said by Arnold Schwarzenegger in TOTAL RECALL.

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