Mr. Williamson, an educator and friend

April 3, 2009
By Lindsay Donovan BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Lindsay Donovan BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Head of the student senate, he gave himself a name the day he made his speech. He goes by the name of Wu-tang, the goofy curly haired guy. When you pass him in the hall, you can’t help but throw up your hands and say it out loud. Everyday I’d walk into his classroom and walk out with the knowledge I never knew I had. He showed me the other side of learning, and it was fun!

The class was economics; it was boring. In some goofy way, he made it interesting and understandable. There wasn’t once a dull moment in his class. Playing review basketball and him sitting down at the farthest point from the basket and swooshing it, was one of many moments to remember. Mr. Williamson is like a jelly-filled donut, as soon as you take that first bite, the entertaining, silly side comes out, but the compassionate, and instructor side is always there. He cares for his students, in ways that aren’t shown.

Mr. Williamson may only be 5’5” with a head full of hair, but with his words of wisdom and his un-doughtily sense of humor, you would think he’s a male version of Oprah!

I am nominating Mr. Williamson for this competition because I have never known another teacher as committed to his students like Wu-tang. He’s one of a kind, and he deserves this award.

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