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April 3, 2009
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School is not something that I look forward to. Ms. Bower understood that and tried her best to help me pass her math class. Through my entire school career, I have struggled through math and none of my teachers took the time to really talk to me and help me learn. She was so excited every class and found ways to use her smart board to make it fun. She would always have some sort of brainteaser or math question up for us to work on.
When Ms. Bower saw my grade was significantly lower than everyone else’s in the class, she came to me and asked me to come in for extra help. I was a little embarrassed about coming in for help and didn’t even show up the first few times. However, when she started helping me more in class, I realized that she just wanted me to succeed. She asked me again to come in for help during my ninth hour study hall and we both knew if I didn’t, I wasn’t going to pass her class. I worked up the courage to go in for the extra help and found it was all I needed. She knew how to teach me differently than she taught the rest of the class. She showed me all the little tricks and tips to help me learn better. From then on, I saw her every other day during my ninth hour study hall and finished her class with a B instead of and F.

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