Mr. Reichle

April 3, 2009
By Jamie Fritz SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Jamie Fritz SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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On the first day of my junior year, I walked into the AP Euro class with the intentions of dropping the class the next day. When class began, Mr. Reichle was enthusiastic about his lessons, the techniques he used to teach us, and his new laser pointer. History classes were usually boring and hard to grasp, but as I left the room, I thought, this class is going to be different. From that first day I could tell he loved his job and I knew I wouldn’t be dropping the class.
Throughout the semester, he found ways to surprise us and keep our attention. He showed movies that helped us understand wars and time periods, and he assigned projects that were out of the ordinary and educational.
Mr. Reichle doesn’t take himself too seriously, which makes the environment in his classroom stress-free. Because he has been to many of the places we talk about in class, he tells us stories and shows us pictures from his travels that both educate us and put smiles on our faces.
Everyday I looked forward to my favorite class with Mr. Reichle, and when the year ended, I knew I wanted to be able to look forward to Mr. Reichle’s teaching my senior year. Luckily, this year I got him again for America Problems and he continues to bring appealing lessons to the classroom.
Mr. Reichle is also the funniest teacher I know. He constantly tells stories of his experiences that brightens up the class’ mood and gets us ready to learn. He keeps us guessing with the way he randomly jumps on his desk if he gets excited about a topic, and the way he wears a different tie every day of the year.

Every chance he gets, Mr. Reichle contributes to a service project. He encourages his classes to bring in food for the food drive, and he even brings in stacks of food himself. He recently rose over $1,000 to help veterans attend a conference at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. He has also put together a project for us to interview veterans so the tapes can be placed into an archive.

Mr. Reichle is never boring, and he continues to amaze me. When I take a class from him, he is so animated, and shows such a passion for the subject, it makes me want to keep learning as much as possible. When Mr. Reichle teaches, students pay attention. Whether it’s because they can’t wait to see what he will do next, or because he’s so fervent about a lecture, Mr. Reichle makes kids want to learn.

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