Vince Mancuso: Titan of the Teachers

April 3, 2009
By Jesse Frank SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Jesse Frank SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Football coaches are normally intimidating in stature, but when talking about Mr. Mancuso, intimidating can be an understatement. “Have you seen the new teacher? He looks like a bear.” I overheard in the hallway as I was walking to my next class: health. I entered his room only to reveal a man with slicked back hair and a beard even Grizzly Adams would be jealous of. It was only his first day, but he had the confidence of a seasoned veteran when he talked. As the semester went on, it was evident he knew the topics. His breadth of his knowledge was unending; he could tell the hippies all the health risks of mind altering drugs, and he could answer all the questions about steroids from the jocks. Over those few weeks, I was able to see Mr. Mancuso was a grizzly bear with the heart of a teddy bear; a man with as much heart in his chest as he had in muscle mass.

His knowledge stretches far beyond the classroom, though. As the head JV football coach and weight room supervisor, he can often be found giving helpful advice to the feeble freshman lifter on the correct way to strengthen his or her triceps, or he can be seen outside telling the importance of teamwork to the football players. Mr. Mancuso is a man who isn’t concerned with your past, or where you come from, he’s a man who simply wants to see you succeed in your present.

Having had Mr. Mancuso as a football coach, teacher and weight room supervisor, has given me the pleasure of getting to know the real Vince Mancuso. At least I thought I had, until I spent one mid November study hall Googling Mr. Mancuso’s name. An astonishing number of results came up: Division III player of the year, Division III All-American. Mr. Mancuso, a baseball all-star? No way. He’s never even talked about baseball, I remember thinking. I approached him later that day only to find Mr. Mancuso had given up his dreams of playing professional baseball to do something he cherished even more: enlightening the minds of students. After learning this, it was no surprise Mr. Mancuso has been such a successful teacher.

Mr. Mancuso, now in his third year of teaching, has made his presence felt around Arrowhead and throughout the community. Everyone knows when you need a little cheering up, you should make a stop in his room, and you’ll leave with a smile.

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on Apr. 29 2009 at 1:31 pm
Alex Broderick SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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u are a story on this side of the mississippi

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