The Inspiration of My Writing

December 2, 2017
By Ashtyn101 SILVER, Kahoka, Missouri
Ashtyn101 SILVER, Kahoka, Missouri
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"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique" --Walt Disney.

My educator of the year nomination is Mrs. Kemper. She has helped me find my inner voice while writing stories, poems, etc. She makes learning really fun and she has a lot of passion and drives towards what she wants us to get out of every lesson. If something doesn't go right or the lesson is hard to understand, she is there to help and she normally always has a backup plan. She makes every day better when she says "Have a good day" or "Enjoy the weekend" or "Happy Thanksgiving". She has truly helped me out. She deserves this because of how much time she puts into it as well. She is rarely out sick from school and she even stays early before school and later after school. She used to teach the cheer school at my school as well for about 4 years or so. I know this because she had my older sister as a cheerleader and my sister loved her. I used to never like LA classes because of the teachers. They would make it all boring or be like, "Today is poetry. Write 3 poems", but she is all happy about it and makes me want to write poetry even if I'm tired. She will be all like, "We are doing something so fun today that you all are going to never want to leave," and while that might not seem fun to you, it gets my attention. She doesn't treat other students differently than anyone else and I really appreciate that. She makes my day better just knowing I get to see her and be apart of her class. Please, if you are reading this, please let her win. She deserves it so much. Thank you for your time.

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My teacher inspired this because of all the amazing work she has put into her job and all the passion she has for making every kid walk out of her class every day knowing something they didn't.

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