A Real GEM

April 1, 2009
By , Mt. Plymouth, FL
“...And your new State Secretary...” You can only imagine all of the emotions playing in my head as I made my way up to that podium to receive my pin. One that played over and over again like a scratched record was gratitude towards my sponsor and teacher, Mrs. Bentley. I knew I would have never reached that point in my life if it was not for her time and dedication to helping me through the rough spots. She believed in me when I did not even believe in myself, encouraged me when I was down, and helped me up when I fell.

No matter what the task is, whether she knows the outcome or not, she is there, willing to lend a helping hand. Each year our Beta Club does a Food Drive around Christmas time to help those in the community who are not able to buy food. This year’s Food Drive stands out in my mind among all of the other years. Mrs. Bentley bagged up food that does not require a can opener, a microwave, an oven, or even a fridge or freezer and she delivered these gifts to the homeless around our area who most people pass every day, but ignore. At each stop, she took the time to talk to these men and hear about what they go through. She showed compassion for them just by noticing them.

Year-round she is constantly involved in the Beta Club by organizing Road Clean-ups, helping tutor and mentor students in our school, helping at the Apopka High School Induction Ceremony two consecutive years, putting in so much extra time with our Inductions and Beta Conventions, delivering food, collecting for charities, organizing a reception for the non-teaching staff at the school, heading up a Trik-a-thon for the younger kids, setting up opportunities where the Beta Club can clean and cook for the families at the Ronald McDonald House, starting fund raisers to help Senors in high school who were once Beta members at our school, and by inviting speakers to help the club members with things that we may encounter in the near future.

Mrs. Bentley is not only our school’s Beta Club sponsor but she is also a math teacher and the band teacher. Her skill in the band room simply amazes me! She can play mostly every instrument in our band and will pull them out if you are having trouble understand how your part sounds or goes. She can sing the tune of the piece that we are about to play, even if she has never seen it before. All of the band members have grown since they have started band and it is all due to Mrs. Bentley’s dedication.

Mrs. Bentley is a caring person with a generous heart, willing to help others in need and be there for the ones that fall.

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