How a Teacher Changed My View on Education

November 10, 2017
By JackL BRONZE, Austin, Texas
JackL BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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My freshman Algebra I teacher really changed my view on classes. Before her class, I absolutely hated math classes. I always slaved away doing homework at night and hated every minute of it. But, once I entered her class, I no longer felt like math was something to dread. I will be honest, I still did not love it. But I felt like the teacher was a lot less demanding and forceful than other teachers. The environment was a lot more welcoming.

Immediately, after the first class, I knew that this way of teaching would be different. I could finally remember the formulas, rules, and vocabulary. I was happy during the class, and not constantly checking the time or zoning out. I tried my hardest to get the highest grade in that class. Though the class was fast paced and difficult, that didn’t allow me to dislike the class. I learned as well that even though I don’t like what the teacher is teaching, I shouldn’t dislike the teacher. I excelled in that class but there were still many things that I struggled with. But, that did not stop me from disliking the teacher.

This teacher not only allowed me to begin to like math, but she changed my view on teachers as a whole. Before Mrs. Stinson, I always despised class, I thought it was a waste of time, and I hated every minute of it. She changed my view on education by introducing a more welcoming classroom to me.  The amount of hate I had for school at the time, if converted into something that could take up space, would be larger than mount Everest. But now, I enjoy it. I can actually say that I like school. This teacher alone managed to change my whole view of the education system. That teacher is Mrs. Stinson. She has not only been my teacher, but she was my leader in my mission trip to Belize. Thanks to her, I now think of school as something to take advantage of and enjoy, rather than something to blow off and float through, with the bare minimum.

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