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November 10, 2017
By jilly7bean BRONZE, Austin, Texas
jilly7bean BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Everyone has a certain teacher whom they treasure closely to their heart. Due to personal experiences, coaching, or even just having that teacher listen is how true student-teacher relationships are formed. All it takes to have a relationship with a teacher is being real with them. Often students tend to close off from their teachers because they think they aren't real people and don't have a real life. The students’ fear of seeing their teacher in the real world comes to life. Mrs.Turner makes her students feel welcome and allows them to be their true selves while being vulnerable.Mrs.Turner loves her students above and beyond what is expected. A strong women of God, prayer warrior, mother, wife, and teacher are just some simple titles that she holds. Balancing all these jobs in life while managing to have such strong relationships with her students, family, and most of all her relationship with God is her priority. Mrs.Turner makes me feel so at rest when we're together. On Sundays we get together and catch up on things troubling me in my family life, or even great things that I'm blessed with. Momma T is one of the most kind and compassionate teachers I have ever met. Passion is what attracts students to Mrs.Turner's great personality and free spirit. As a Bible teacher, Mrs.Turner brings in personal experiences and hardships to help students relate to the certain life lesson she is trying to deliver. All in all, Mrs.Turner deserves all awards for being an amazing teacher. Momma T is not only a teacher I get to look up to, but she is someone who can help me while I travel through hardships. Having her by my side as a mentor and encourager has already made my year so much better, and changed my outlook on my junior year.

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