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November 10, 2017
By ryanorr999 BRONZE, Astin, Texas
ryanorr999 BRONZE, Astin, Texas
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I had always seen her in the hallways during my sophomore year, and she would always say hi to me. I thought it was kind of awkward because I didn’t know her that well. She had my brother in her Calculus class that year so that’s why she knew who I was. When I figured out that she was in charge of my school service trip to New York, I was kind of scared. I figured she thought of me just as all of my other teachers that my brother had; “Oh no, not another Orr.” My brother didn’t leave me the best of reputations. A couple months later, we left for New York. On our plane ride, I had to sit next to two random people, and I was very upset that I couldn’t get to sit next to my friends. She saw how I felt and offered to switch seats with me. I didn’t accept her offer because I knew I would feel too bad for her, but it came to my surprise. After a couple days of being in New York, I hadn’t talked to her much, but one night we ate dinner at four o’clock. By the time we got back to the hotel late that night and, a couple friends and I were super hungry. The only teacher who was still awake was Mrs. Trish, so we asked her if we could go walk to Dunkin Donuts, which was only a block or two away. She said that we couldn’t go alone, but that she would go with us. It was nineteen degrees outside, and she decided to take us to go find food. We had a blast talking and hanging out with Mrs. Trish. This was one of the best parts of the trip, and I really got to understand more of whom Mrs. Trish was. Flash forward six months and I’m now in her Calculus class. She makes an effort every single day to get to know each of us better. Because of my friendship with Mrs. Trish, I am more motivated to pay attention and do well in her class. She uses her relationships with her students to keep her class interesting and not just boring Math lessons. She keeps us on track for the year, while also making her class enjoyable. Mrs. Trish is by far the best teacher I have ever had.

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