Educator of the Year

November 10, 2017
By naomitucker BRONZE, Austin, Texas
naomitucker BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Educators are not only people who teach information, but also teach virtues through the way they live. Someone who has impacted my life is Lori. Lori is someone who acts with kindness and grace, while instructing and giving direction to me as a student. I loved being in her class, as we learned things that were applicable to real life. She brought stories out of the textbook and into a real-life context. Lori, my freshman English teacher, invited me to fall even more in love with English, and gave me a newfound appreciation for the way English is taught. While it is easier to just read books and give a basic analysis of it, Lori went even farther to make sure each student understood the context and importance of the literature. We read a wide range of literature, yet each felt so real and present no matter the plot.

I remember when we read To Kill A Mockingbird, which quickly became one of my all-time favorite books. This book, while set many years ago, felt so relevant because of the way Lori taught it. Lori teaches like a friend--not condemning or harsh--but acts as a gentle guide because she genuinely wants the best for her students. She's so dedicated to her students that she could move a mountain with her determination. All teachers should strive to be as caring and dedicated as Lori, as she has impacted my educational career and personal life in so many ways. I nominate Lori as Educator of the Year for her dedication and passion to English and her students. While she may no longer be my English teacher, she is someone who is always there to help and guide me in my educational pursuits.

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