The Best Teacher Ever

October 20, 2017
By Lildancer9121 BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
Lildancer9121 BRONZE, Coconut Creek, Florida
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Imagine you walk into a room every morning at 8, and your teacher greets you with hi, hello, or how are you. Yep that was 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Roney. She is my all time favorite teacher! From her super cool activities, to her making you think outside of the box, you always had the best time in her class. Even if class was an hour, it would only feel like 10 minutes because her class was always so much fun. In final consideration, her class was always interesting.


Ms. Roney’s activities always brought the best out of everybody. One of my favorite learning techniques was looking at a piece of art. We would write down what we saw, thought or wondered. After that, we would make connections from the art to our lives or what we are learning in class. I always liked doing this because I would think above and beyond my limits. If I thought of something, Ms. Roney would make me expand on it and make me think outside of the box. Every time we did this as a class, I always walked away learning more than what I started with.


In addition to the learning techniques, Mrs. Roney’s activities were like no one else's. As a class, we would go outside and look at nature. We would then reflect on how the nature connects to us. This was my favorite activity because I enjoyed being outside in the fresh air after being stuck in a classroom for six hours. Also, seeing the world in a different view space was interesting to me. All in all, I enjoyed Ms. Roney’s activities very much.


Even though 3rd grade was a long time ago, Ms. Roney is my favorite teacher. I learned so much during her class and I never felt bored. Every activity or learning technique that we did always had my fullest attention. I wish I still had her as a teacher. In conclusion, Ms. Roney is my favorite teacher because she had super cool activities and learning techniques.

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