Mrs. Sadie: Teacher of the Year

October 20, 2017
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I would nominate my 3rd and my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Sadie. Mrs. Sadie was the most entertaining and the most funniest teacher I’ve ever had. She would always make a joke like “I’ll whack you to the moon”. After 3rd grade ended I was sad to not have her again. On the first day of 4th grade I walked in the class to find Mrs. Sadie sitting in her desk. I screamed in joy and gave her a hug. 

The first reason I would nominate her is because she is really entertaining. She would make these games and mix it with learning and all of the students didn’t mind that we were learning. She would reward us if we did good in class , but she wouldn’t give us candy or anything SHE WOULD LITERALLY BUY US LUNCH. Anything we wanted she got it, and that really encouraged us to be a good student.

The second reason I would nominate her is because she was really funny. She would make jokes in the middle of learning to  lighten up the mood of the classroom. Like I said before She would always make a joke like “I’ll whack you to the moon”. She would always keep the class in a good mood and because she did that we were all ready and energized to learn more.

In conclusion if I had the choice to I would definitely nominate Mrs. Sadie for the Educator of the Year award because she was extremely entertaining and very humorous. She would reward us with lunch she would make jokes all the time. Overall she taught us a lot and she is a really good teacher. Since I moved to NBPS I won’t see her walking in the hallway anymore so I can say hi to her. But I’m happy for the future 3rd grader to have her.

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