Educator of the Year Award!

October 20, 2017
By Houston.h BRONZE, Coconut Creek , Florida
Houston.h BRONZE, Coconut Creek , Florida
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Mr. Greco is my 8th grade teacher, he deserves educator of the year because he is an awesome, funny, and good teacher. These are some of the reasons why he deserves the educator of the year award.


Mr. Greco is into sports and he sometimes have a good discussion about sports sometimes. He is also the football coach. He will bring up something in class and we would talk about it. He is into sports and this is why he is awesome, cool, and a good teacher because of this reason of him liking sports etc.


We have good connections with him, and he is nice to everyone and is fair to everyone.  Mr. Greco, is funny because he always has humor everyday, when we come into the classroom. He has the best jokes and is funny when we are talking as a class.


He also makes learning fun when we are in class, and ties it in with history and what we are learning about. For instance, one time we all were talking about politics, and we then went on, and tied it in with presidents and politics back in history. The discussion went on for a while.


For these reasons, that I stated, Mr. Greco deserves the educator of the year award for 8th grade. He shows all the things that make up a great teacher and is funny and awesome, but he also ties history into normal class conversations that happen throughout class. Who else thinks he deserves the Educator of the Year award?

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