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The Best Teacher

March 18, 2009
By luv2dance13 BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
luv2dance13 BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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The true educator of the year is my teacher Mrs.Howes. She teaches English at Central Dauphin Middle School, in grade 8, and she is on the Silver Lions team. To begin with, her teaching methods are one of the best. She starts each class with a do now and a mini lesson. A do now is a time period before class when we the students take the time to prepare for this class. A mini lesson is just what it sounds like, a lesson that is shortened but still teaches a lesson. After doing those activities, she lets us, the students, write what we want to or read what we want to. It depends on what day it is. She lets us read what we want because she believes that as long as we are reading it doesn’t matter what we are reading. The thing that stands out about her is she is very sweet and easy to talk to. She is one of very few teachers that care about their students. If I needed to talk or need help with anything she was there and still is there for me. She doesn’t just do that, but she also works on the musical team. That is truly what a teacher of the year should be.

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