March 11, 2009
By Konnor Krupp BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
Konnor Krupp BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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Robert Vidal – Eastern Hemisphere
By Connor, Rockford, MI

There is always a funny teacher in a school. Mr. Vidal is the funny teacher at my school. He is a little out-there compared to other teachers. Everyday he writes a strange comment on the board that usually has nothing to do with anything. One time he wrote ‘You don’t have to worry about tomorrow being the last day of the world because it’s already tomorrow in Australia.’ It sounds very weird but it is true.
Mr. Vidal is the Eastern Hemisphere teacher at my school. It’s the way he teaches that makes people like him. He goes by the lessons slowly so you can understand them. He will take questions at mostly any time, and he keeps the E. Hemisphere books in class so you can’t forget them at home or in your locker. We watch a lot of movies about what we are learning because kids pay more attention to them than reading in books. They also are more entertaining than reading or just listening to him talk. He also tells a lot of funny stories about his past. Some of the funnier stories are the pranks he pulled in college.
An Eastern Hemisphere teacher is supposed to be a “load on as much homework as you can social studies teacher”. Mr. Vidal is an exception to that rule as he only gives homework that he knows will help you get an “A” on the test. Technically, he doesn’t give homework at all because he calls it “homefun” instead. On the first day everybody thinks he is crazy when he calls it homefun because it never really is fun, but when he calls it homefun it adds a little more fun into it than saying homeWORK. When I need help on something and I go to Mr. Vidal for help, he always knows what to say so I can be sure that I’ll get it right.
I don’t really want to move up a grade level because Mr. Vidal won’t be my teacher anymore. At least I can go in there before class and draw on the white board. I can go in there until the end of the world. Which is the day after the end of the world in Australia.

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