The Best Teacher Who's Not Too Crazy About Me

March 5, 2009
By Boyu Cao BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Boyu Cao BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Normally, when a student really likes a teacher, the teacher usually also adores the student. The teacher I’m nominating is totally not too crazy about me, but I still think she’s the best in every way and enthusiastically nominate her for educator of the year.
My honors’ biology teacher, Ms. Sanduke is, to sum it up, the way a true teacher should be. She empathies with students, teaches us everything in the massive textbook, is nice, and also rules our pristine classroom with a strict hand.
What so special about that? Any great teacher is like that! The thing is, Ms. Sanduke is all that, and she also has a certain “Ms. Sanduke flare” whenever she does anything. And that includes everything. From labs to homework assignments, everything you normally expect isn’t really the way she does it. For instance, normally, when there aren’t enough materials for a lab, the teacher usually aborts the assignment right? Well, labs the Ms. Sanduke way is going straight ahead with the lab armed with alternate weapons, I mean materials, that work just as well.
Another wonderful thing about Ms. Sanduke is that she never complains. Do you have any idea how little teachers’ salaries are in public schools are nowadays? While all of my other teachers were moaning and groaning about “how we should study harder since teachers might decide to quit because their salaries are so low” or how “we’re working overtime to teach you guys and don’t even get paid for it”, Ms. Sanduke still patiently explains the complex structures of the macromolecules inside our body. When a student doesn’t understand something, she takes extra time off her break to go over the material again with the student.
Many of my fellow classmates think she’s too strict and assigns too much homework, but come on, how are you supposed to learn without an adequate amount of homework?
Why isn’t Ms. Sanduke too crazy about me? I’ll admit it. I was lazy and slacked off of the first part of the semester, and the only thing Ms. Sanduke doesn’t like is slackers. But now, I’m back on track.
Many teachers have similar qualities to that of my wonderful biology teacher, but no one has all those qualities put together into a great big bundle like my biology teacher. To top it off, she has the world’s brightest smile and most adorable dimples. When she smiles at you, it’s as if the sun is shining at you and you feel as if you really did something right. With all my heart, I enthusiastically nominate my biology teacher Ms. Sanduke for best educator of the year!

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