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May 8, 2017
By gopackgo GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
gopackgo GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I never thought about going into the medical field until I was assigned Medical Terminology with Mrs. Miller in room 147, but I knew I loved helping and working with people. From the first day of class to the last, Mrs. Miller wore the most stylish clothes. She stands tall at about five feet eight inches. Her hair is brown with highlights, perfectly curled. Her voice is gentle and persuasive just like a mother’s. She is a business education teacher and teaches classes on Medical Terminology, Health Occupations, Human Relations, Dollars and Sense, and Computer Essentials at Arrowhead Union High School.

When I first had Mrs. Miller for Medical Terminology, she made class fun no matter what it was. She set up a student run clinic at South Campus. The Medical Center is set up just like a real life clinic. It holds a waiting room, receptionist desk, billing desk, and private rooms for the patient and the doctor. Not only did the students play the roles of doctors, but we also switched between being the receptionist, billing manager, patient, and the boss of the facility. We were also assessed on over 300 medical terms for the final exam. To help memorize them, she played a video that would repeat the word, display a picture, and state a word that rhymed. She did this for every single word. She also provided us a ring for all the notecards of each term. And then when the final exam had come, I had no trouble remembering the terms. This helped me remain organized and is a skill I can take beyond the Medical Terminology classroom and use in life.

Mrs. Miller interested me in the Medical Field so much that I signed up for her Health Occupations course. When I learned about surgery, she brought in jumbo pickles so we could dissect them and get a feel for how difficult surgery really is (because the skin of the pickle is so thin and delicate just like human’s skin). She also brought in real equipment for measuring blood pressure, respiration, and temperature. She taught us how to properly use and measure each piece.

The best thing Mrs. Miller has done for me was assign a job shadow. This is where I discovered what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After job shadowing at Lake Country Health Center, I immediately knew I wanted to become a Chiropractor.

Without Mrs. Miller’s commitment to make learning fun and interesting for her students, I would have never found out I wanted to become a Chiropractor. Because of Mrs. Miller I have a  career path I have grown passionate about. Thank you, Mrs. Miller. for helping me discover who I want to become.

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