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May 8, 2017
By gelax17 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
gelax17 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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At my school, the majority of kids take Spanish as a foreign language. But, I despised Spanish class. So coming into my freshman year of high school, I enrolled in German. This decision placed me in a class that I love, taught by someone who has made an impact on my life.

Frau Schueth is a woman as international as the global seminar class she teaches. She radiates a love for the arts and film as well as a love for books. She also advises my school’s book club. But when she is doing all of that, you can find her teaching all four levels of German offered at Arrowhead Union High School.

One of my earliest memories from German happened when Frau Schueth asked us every day, “Wie gehts dir heute?” (how are you doing?) I still remember her smile as our class put our everyday feelings into German words.

Also, she finds a way to make even the worst thing (vocabulary) about foreign languages fun. I have not met anyone who would like to sit down and rattle off a list of 30 words. But in German, Frau Schueth creates engaging ways to make those words stick in your brain as if it were covered in layers of two-sided tape. But as an 18-year-old, I still love running up to the board and frantically writing words like Sehenswürdigkeit or Ananas.
Another thing she does better than any teacher I have had, is challenge a student to get them out of their comfort zone. I can remember times where I could have answer a question in English that would have not helped me. But when I hear Frau Schueth ask the class “Kann Hans ein Bisschen Englisch sprechen?” (Can Hans speak English a little?) and I hear the class answer with “neins.” She cares about my progress and she wants to see her students grow.

There are many options a student can take advantage of after graduation. But even with immense options, Frau Schueth shows her interest in any a student chooses.  It is a moving experience knowing that someone who has watched you grow is willing to help you in the next steps in life, and that is what Frau Schueth has done for me. She has shown an interest into where I am going to college next year, and for me the things she does has helped make this decision in my life easier.


I have been lucky enough to have Frau Schueth for all of my four years, and through those for years, I have been able to learn so much from her. She is a teacher that cares and not just teaches.

She took me half way around the world even though we stayed in Wisconsin. And now four years later, I realize how much more “Wie gehts dir heute” means.

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