Educator of the Year

April 27, 2017
By BoRinke BRONZE, Austin, Texas
BoRinke BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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This year I have been taught by the most influential teacher of my high school career: my Physics teacher, David Miller. No teacher before has ever taught to my learning style as well as he has. He uses real-life examples and visual representations to explain each concept in-depth. For example, if one of his students poses an inquiry on why two objects, one heavy, one light, hit the earth simultaneously if dropped from the same height, he may answer by explaining why one of the lighter pupils lands in sync with a heavier student when they jump down from a desk. During the section regarding photons and waves of light, he brought his personal spectroscopes, along with his own noble gas light tubes, so as to allow the class to observe the differences in electromagnetic emissions by different elements.

I have always loved physics, but I didn’t actually know very much about it. Last year, I had an horrible experience in my chemistry class which is truly unfortunate, for I could have been thoroughly interested in the subject had I had a teacher who taught for my learning style. After that experience, I dearly hoped to have a good teacher for physics, and I got my wish.

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