Educator of the Year

April 27, 2017
By DPETTER BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Know who you are, know Whose you are

Her name is about as awesome as she is: Radakovic. Ms. Nina Radakovic, or as we call her Mrs R, is the best teacher I have ever had because she understands the needs and requests of her students. She fits her curriculum and time so that the students enjoy learning and participating in class activities. She is easy going, and doesn’t punish her students when they misbehave, but she redirects them and pushes them on the right path. The students adore Mrs R. I pass by her room every day before school to get to my locker for my textbooks. Each time I look inside her room, there are at least twenty students in her room talking, playing games, and having a good time. Whenever there are disputes to be settled between students, the opposing parties frequently consult Mrs. R for help. From an academic standpoint, she is outstanding. Mrs R is incredibly intelligent, fo she is already striving for her doctorate degree in education. She speaks multiple languages: Swedish, Serbian, and English. The ironic thing is that her first language is Serbian, but she teaches English. Mrs. R teaches in a manner that makes the students want to learn. When my class was learning about rhetorical analysis in civil rights speeches, we all sat in a circle and she taught the lesson like so. The fantastic thing about sitting in a circle was that she was able to teach us face-to-face, with each of us sitting on the same level. This made the lesson feel interactive and desirable, as opposed to the usual bore of a teacher talking down to her students in a lecture. Mrs. R is the best kind of teacher to have because each and every one of her students continually want to come to class each day. Even her past students drop by and say hi. I believe Mrs R is hands-down the best teacher ever.

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