Alpha Andrews

April 27, 2017
By Anonymous

For me personally, the person who has influenced me the most from a teacher’s perspective, is a math teacher by the name of Nicole Andrews. She was my geometry teacher sophomore year. She saw me every day for a year and we grew close. To be honest, at first I was not sure what to think of her. She is a very powerful and forceful African American woman who never takes no for an answer. I am a good student but she saw ways for me to improve and worked closely with me to do so. Within a month into the school year, we were very close and even though I do not have her for a teacher this year, we still strive to stay connected and make time to just talk every week. She has a very accomplished teaching style and specializes in fun notes. The notes are kept in a spiral and consist of fun colored paper, cutouts, and many, many foldables. The notes are fun and easy to study and the colors and foldables were always different, making memory of the lesson so much easier. There are many whom she has influenced though. My classmates remark on how easy she is to talk to, and how she is always quick to laugh and cut up with everyone. Over the years, she has given me great advice that I can apply form everything from sports to college. I have truly enjoyed having her for a teacher and look forward to spending another year with her.

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