Educator of the year Matt Carr: Theatre Tech Director

May 8, 2017

I’ve always liked working alone and I never liked getting help. I am the kid who likes to hide in his music. It’s what I did and enjoyed doing. That’s what I was used to be like until I met Matt Carr who works as the Theater Technical Director at Arrowhead Union High School.

I joined stage crew knowing I wanted to do sound. At Arrowhead each student was assigned a job by Matt Carr. When I first met Matt, I introduced myself as Pretzel. His face showed a look of confusion. But then he said, “Okay, Hi Pretzel. I’m Matt.” Pretzel has been the nickname I’ve gone by for most of my life and there was already an Alex in crew so Pretzel was a way to ease confusion.

Without Matt, stage crew would be excruciatingly boring. He brings a level of fun to crew which includes us making funny memes. When he sees them, he laughs. But most importantly, he understands us. He gets we are teens and have problems, and he knows we like to goof off. Matt takes time to learn what our skills and interests are whether it be painting, building, lighting, or sound.

Matt immediately picked up that I liked sound and that it was something I am passionate about. There wasn’t always jobs involving sound, so I got to work on building platforms. My favorite job (other than sound) is laying masonite flooring on the platforms. I would have never known I would love doing that if Matt hadn’t given me that job. That's what Matt does: he assigns you jobs that are not in your comfort zone and he believes you will be good at.

One time Matt and I were setting up sound for a choir concert. Matt asked me, “Would you work with Chris (the other stage crew adviser) and Bella Cain or Me at Loud and Clear Productions this summer?” and I told him I would go wherever I'm needed. He said, “We would love to have you. You do good work.” Him saying I do good work made me proud. Someone finally recognized how hard I work at sound. It means a lot to me to know someone appreciates my work.

Matt is more than just my stage crew advisor, he is also a friend. I feel comfortable around him. I am not afraid to talk to him or approach him. Considering I see him almost every Tuesday and Thursday, and during tech week(s) when I stay everyday after school working sometimes until 10pm, he has become someone I enjoy seeing and talking to. Matt pushes me out of my comfort zone and taught me skills I never thought I would know. He knows what I am capable of and wants me to do my best.

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