My Favorite Teacher

May 5, 2017
By Dkmlj123 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Dkmlj123 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Walking into school on the first day is intimidating.  What are my classes going to be like? Are the teachers going to like me? Am I going to figure out what to do after high school? On the first day of sophomore year, I wanted to be in healthcare, but I felt like I was incapable. But I continued to prepare me for the field, by taking Health Occupations class at Arrowhead High School.

Health Occupations was taught by Mrs. King, who was enthusiastic, energetic, and excited. I was greeted by this wonderful woman who was caring, like the mother she is. She is dedicated to her job like no other teacher I have seen.

Mrs. King’s students explore the health career field, learn topics in the field, and go on job shadows. She gave me unique opportunities to job shadow with an Orthopedic Surgeon. This experience helped me grow as a person and break out of my shell.

In the middle of my sophomore year, Mrs. King, the Health Youth Apprenticeship Program Advisor (HYAP), told us about the program Arrowhead offers to help students get their CNA license and work in the field. Mrs. King taught me how to fill out applications professionally, meet deadlines, and to go above what I think I’m capable of.

Once I got accepted to the program, I was ecstatic and I saw how Mrs. King goes out of her way for her students. As I took the CNA course at WCTC, I got emails from Mrs. King for support, checking in, and reminding me that she is here. Time went quickly, and it caught me by surprise. But knowing she was here for me was comforting and appreciated. She met with me over summer break to fill out paperwork, helped me prepare and organize my applications. Without her, I wouldn’t have the CNA job that I have or have gone as far as I have. She helped mold me into who I am today by pushing me to try new experiences while always being there if I need help.

I’m now a junior and I’m a part of the HOSA Chapter (Health Occupations Students of America). Mrs. King is the advisor. She saw that the students wanted this chapter and went out of her way to make it happen. In HOSA, she helps us organize events, prepare for competitions, and gets us supplies. Mrs. King also helped me prepare for my event at state this year. She made time after school for me to practice, get supplies, and plan for state.
Throughout the trip up to the HOSA state competition, I listened to Mrs. King talk about her life outside of the classroom. Hearing about her family and kids, her new position as an administrator at school, and about how she’s finishing up more classes at graduate school, I saw how busy she is but yet she makes time for her students. I admire her for what she does and how much she handles. She makes sure we, as students, can exceed expectations.

She added a new class for us called Health Practicum which allows students time to focus on careers and explore our futures. Mrs. King is a busy woman but she is dedicated to her students.

I’ve never met someone who takes on as many roles as Mrs.King does. She’s someone who is wholeheartedly passionate about what she does. I’m lucky to have her as my support system. She helped me realize I am cut out for the health field and helped me go above and beyond in experiences, resources, and expectations to prepare me for the future.

She will always be my favorite teacher and I appreciate everything she’s done for me. Thank you so much, Mrs. King, for all the opportunities you have given me and for going above and beyond for your students.

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