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May 5, 2017
By maggie4651 GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
maggie4651 GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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When I first received my senior year schedule and noticed my first period was AP Spanish language, I immediately wanted to run to the counselor's office and demand a switch. I can barely get out of bed in the morning for high school, let alone speak in a different language. However, when I arrived to class, I saw Mrs. Coraggio who looked like a woman who just walked off the fashion runway, adorned with a flashing smile.

It only took one day to make me realize that having Spanish as my first period would be easy because of Mrs. Coraggio. Each morning, I was greeted by a bright, bubbly, and brilliant teacher. Her teaching style is as bold as the glamorous high heels she wears everyday. I used to have a strong dislike for Spanish. I could never find it fun to speak, read, or write in a different language, but Mrs. Coraggio changed that. 

She makes everyone feel comfortable. We could be writing an essay or giving a speech, and I would never be scared or intimidated because Mrs. Coraggio makes you feel confident, which many teenagers in high school lack. Her famous line is “Si se puede,” which means you can do it. This simple phrase encourages me on the daily.
The best day of the week is Friday and not just because the weekend is approaching. Each Friday, we get to watch “El Internado” (a Spanish soap opera). Not only are we learning new material and Spanish, but we also get to watch a drama-filled show. After, Mrs. Coraggio cranks up the music and we dance. Mrs. Coraggio is the only teacher that I have had, that has choreographed a dance for her students. The dance is called “El Tiburon” which is shark in Spanish. With all the stress from the week, “El Tiburon” gets us to listen to music in Spanish and have fun which students need.

Mrs. Coraggio cares. Just recently, we had our high school prom and Mrs. Coraggio went to each of her students individually to look at pictures. She gave compliments and made everyone smile. It was a great way to practice informal conversations in Spanish. Every Monday, she asks us about what we did on the weekend and also shares information about her family. We have great discussions and get to connect, while also practicing speaking in Spanish.

Señora Coraggio has a passion for teaching and for her students. I am never afraid to speak with her about anything and I always look forward to her class. She goes above and beyond.

Spanish used to scare me, but when I went to Spain last month I was prepared to speak Spanish for a week with the help of Mrs. Coraggio’s class. She has made me a better student and that is all I could ask for in a teacher.

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