My Educator of the Year

May 5, 2017
By b.dancer GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
b.dancer GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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An exceptional teacher is someone who is enthusiastic, engaging, and caring. There is one particular teacher who exhibits all three of these traits and more. His inspiration makes students love school and his motivation leaves them excited to come back.

Although it’s been three years since having this teacher, I still thank him for the guidance and impact he made on my life. I am now a junior in high school, but in second grade, I moved to Wisconsin. Anxious, scared and sad feelings flooded me the first day I arrived to North Lake School. But stepping into my new gym class with Mr. Yde, I immediately felt safe, secure and a sense of home . . . and from that day on I enjoyed the next six years of elementary and middle school. 

Our class often joked around saying Mr. Yde was like a vampire )because if you looked at the pictures hanging in his office from twenty years ago, you would think they were taken yesterday). His youthful look is not only on the outside, but he is also young at heart (as he joined in our gym activities). His participation made me feel comfortable in class, while pushing me to try even harder in the activities (because I wanted to beat him. . . I may be a little competitive).

Mr. Yde included every child in his class, inspiring them to strive to be their best while also including new, exciting ways of doing old curriculum. In second grade, square dancing was a unit in gym class. Mr. Yde knew square dancing was outdated and that most of the kids didn’t enjoy it—so he came up with a creative way to keep us engaged. He purchased a Wii and Just Dance Games. We all danced to recent songs and loved destroying Mr. Yde. He found a way to make sure all students were being active without the activities feeling like a workout.

Mr. Yde teaches his class, but also gets involved with school activities. He joined my grade on field trips as well as attended my eighth grade graduation. He is a constant reminder that people around me, especially teachers, care about my well being and want the best for me. The support he and others show for me allows me to strive for the best possible me.

To Mr. Yde, teaching isn’t about the paycheck, but about being able to make connections and influences with children all while having fun, and that is what he did for me. Mr. Yde is my Teacher of the Year and I thank him for making a difference in my life.

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