Educator of the Year

May 5, 2017

I never enjoyed going to school because it’s not fun. We read, write, and solve equations. It gets harder every year. And it would suck the joy out of school. My 11th grade accounting teacher, Mr. Brester, made an effort to make school fun and educational for me. Mr. Brester got recommended to me by my mom because she also had him in high school. She always liked him so naturally I do too.

To begin the class, Mr. Brester yelled, “Winter, what you do yesterday?” I would follow with sports remarks. He gets involved in my life and teachers don’t do that often. It makes me feel comfortable in his class. As if I had him my entire life. Then he shows us what to work on and sends us on our way.

His class gives me freedom and independence. He teaches us how to solve the problems and then lets us try to figure it out on our own. He walks around the classroom with a smile and says, ”Look at you guys, you guys don’t even need me.” But whenever we need help he gives us all of his attention until we understand. He knows when we are going to struggle, like a soothsayer reading ours minds.

Every three weeks on a Wednesday he plays a remix version of the hump day camel song. He yells, “Hump Day!” Which means we move our seats up a row. Everyone has a chance to sit in the front and back of the classroom. This really makes everyone comfortable because you won’t be stuck in the front of the class all semester. He then goes to random students in the class and says, “Guess what day it is.” And doesn’t stop until we say hump day.

You can tell that Mr. Brester loves his job and cares for his students. Even though I struggled getting to know accounting, Mr. Brester continued to encourage me to do better. He made accounting second nature to me. And it is a very important subject that I will use the rest of my life. I will use this to do taxes or as a career. He makes me look forward to school everyday. Mr. Brester is a mentor to me.

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